WOYWW - colours

the desk:  tah dah....

casually flopped open my journal reference pages for my chosen sub set of colours.

I have become accustomed to creating these 'palette' pages before I do a study, I really think about the colour value and what limited palate I will use on a piece, after I sketch the study really small I label it up with the colours i will use to paint with, so I spend ages preparing... Its horribly boring and labour intensive but it works...I sketch it out full size and work from my reference studies, I am usually pleased with the results, and I can reproduce the study if I want to, or try it in another colour way...

Hare by Donna Louise Garner

Hare by Donna Louise Garner

So now I am going to walk the dog before it hits the 30 degree C afternoon heat, I will wave to the Hares as I pass and when I get backI will sit in the cool barn and visit your desk... Comment below if you can t see comments click on the title of this page (woyww - colour) above and the page will reload with the comments box...or you can visit my blogger web page at http://redoingsofdoone.blogspot.fr/2017/07/woyww-comments.html