Voodoo Doll

I had a deal with Voodoo Vixen - do me a journal & I'll swap you for an Art Doll,

An Art Doll -  a thing I have never done and therefore felt appropriately challenged by,

Annette has made me  a fabulous journal and blogged it and mailed it, so I felt deeply oblidged to get a move on and make her an Art Doll in return, and perferrably mail it out before my journal arrives.

My doll is

made from card, paper, checkers/draughts piece, a cut up twiddely bitz frame, a paperclay mold face, inks, paints, glitter, lace, leather, kebab stick, beads, chain, dogclip, two bells, a cock and a pair of leaves,


that said she turned out okay....


I like the three dimensional feel to the doll created by the skirt

kind of parisienne tart crossed with an indian/thai goddess


she is wearing bloomers


has a big heart at her centre

she is called Ganache

Donna Garner