Woyww (pif minus one week - maths)

52+52 = 104

104 - 1 = 103

ooh one week seven days to go,

Linda Elbourne,  you had better stop by, I have become terribly conscious of trying to stay minimal, in a doone kind of way- it's all relative....

does three things on my desk count as minimal? if one recognises there would normally be 33?

If I was Joarty I would have 75% of my strawberries showing...

any hoo

here's the desk, (enable pop ups, click to open/right click open file)

then the three projects/items in detail, the second thing of the three items are the four ATCs for Joyce:


zoom in top left to the above image:- I can't believe my ability to find tiny scrap of great value in strange places - this is from a CRICKET book -  WTF would Barbara Cartland be in the index of a book on cricket???


"ethics' a mini waxed collage including a mini version of my linocut man


"art, junk, life" - pinned collage loose papers


"look behind, you'll see how far you've come.."



Firstly spectacular spectacular, roses flowers amazing flowers from Dolores (Cardarian) in the most exquisite box, that sparkles, and it's cardarian pink - it is JUST divine (said in huge loud SA accent), thank you, thank you, thank you,

and the third thing done in random order,  my new journal pages on Dali....

hence the slightly surreal post...

see you tonight when I will do two hours random desk delving,


Donna Garnerwoyww