FAT (Friday) -YAY annual leave until Tuesday

Arggh,  time,  not enough of it...even though I have taken annual leave today my day is already taken up..and all i wanted to do was a long pose drawing ah well....


Today i give you  the final Featured Art technique (FAT) videos so you can finish your collage,


checkout Candyfloss,


REALLY, it's worth ten minutes of your life -  I promise,  swear at me in the comments box below if I am wrong...


as per last week the vids will remain on the video/tutorial tab..


at the weekend ( if there is time between renovating the middle bedroom, and celebrating the birth of my young man and painting)  I shall blog hop, 




week4 vid 1

FAT 4: Sculpt Finish Hang from donna louise rodgers on Vimeo.

week4 vid2 CANDYFLOSS

Candyfloss and dremels from donna louise rodgers on Vimeo.

week4 vid 3

So long farewell auf weidersehen good night the end from donna louise rodgers on Vimeo.

Donna Garner