So Tell me donna what effing huge thing is on your desk this week?

you see I am 'doing' life class with the wonderous Alexandra K who's link I need to find and will put in the 'community' tab for you to check out...

and I am working BIG


A1 size and cropped at that


and my paper is Not Cheap and my images are getting Better


and then inthemiddle of lots of gratuitous giving away of stuff that I have made in the hope that karma would tilt in my favour and some things would also sell, AND I WOULD GET SPACE so that when that Linda Elbourne comes calling on a Weds I will still look minimalist (see i don't quit when challenged)


well the blimmin dog laid on my art




so i decided Clare H was right and not a moment should be lost in making my A1 ( not A0) that Would be MAD) art folder,  so instead of spending 60 quid on a 'normal one' I produced this (not leather as intended - patchwork instead)


I am sorry but the only way to describe it is FUCKING HUGE

however, it handles quite well and them members of my group in class were polite enough not to laugh.

You see it, as well as being beautifully quilted with ragged edges - it also contains the same attachments via a clever wooden skeleton-  as the 'normalones' do for portfolio display AND it contains my A1 drawing board, AND my blank papers (with no creasing or errant marks)and if the dogs sleep on it it's okay..ish

  so I can go do life study ANYWHERE and only need that one carry all,

oh and my bag of colours/pens/pencils etc,

oh and my camera,

oh leave me alone

Now journalling inspiration and mojo.

the knack is to 'see something' then capture it with no intent other than knowing it is in your possession:

newspaper articles, magazine cuttings, mini sketches helter skelter thoughts jotted down all bound in a book that when you sit down and want to do something and you don't know what - you pull out the mojo book and take anything you 'saw' that you can now see again and think - ah yes - now i want to do something with that.  I actually photographed the wrong thing,  so I will do a featured thing and video it and post it at the weekend so come on over with a cup of tea and i'll bore your to death with telling you how inspired and inspiring you really are-  with your own ideas and you really don't need much help other than realising your own potential...


However, - if you have read this post, just now, you may want to think twice about taking my advice - 'cos my mojo is a madperson who will have you wandering the streets with a misbegotten sandwich board quilt thing attached to your arm....


if I ever end up on the streets I won't be cold mind you...


just arrested...


My PIF is on the way from America - the one I sent is below and is safe with her woywwer..


Donna Garner