Thursday: round up

Jo (zart) sent me a PIF - 'tis of course more gorgeous than this in real life,  it is something that you just sit and gaze at and play with and marvel at - it's joy on a dangle and it glows in the dark,  so when I'm out on the streets with my billboard ( see yesterdays blogpost) I am in no danger of passing unseen...

 Also let me share with you:

I went into Oxfam in Hereford last weekend and got these:  a book for Amy

a book (check this out WIPSO) for me... just read what it says about the NHS which had not yet come into being when this book was published, and the exam for the state registered nurses

I was actually in there to get some extra sheet music for altering my pages in Gretchen's (music theme) altered book that has come to me in the round robin,

I found a nursey rhyme book, the first photo is of the fly sheet - I scanned the actual cover (beautiful) - and printed it onto inkjet ohp acetate,

then I put the printed scaledd dwon acetate image over the aged paper from the back fly sheet of the original booklet (couple of photos down)

then I japanese style painted the 'songbird' and made an envelope hideaway for the words to the fleetwood mac song of the same name, I did a middle fold of a violinist and added script, and enfolded a page of a nursey rhyme form the orignal nursery rhyme book from oxfam into Gretchen's book - the nice touch is that on the fold line you can see the text 'printed in England' which is nice to send back to the Over the Pond Book Owner..



Donna Garner