Postcard 3 Brazil

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Whilst still keeping to my plot (yes I know where this ends...not location wise but story wise):

This week is Brazil. Sao Paulo.  Birthplace of Emiliano Di Cavalcanti 1897 - 1967 (look him up he was a brilliant artist and a damn fine human being).   I took my inspiration from the street kids, he took his from the 'mullatto'.  I also wanted to use the image of a derelict orphanage.  Art is a perfect way to 'show' social injustice and expose prejudice.  The digital collage I made for 'her' book tells the personal and political story of these three images of Brazil....

here's the composite digital image done lomo photo style

and here is the front and back of this weeks card, the front is 'Abigail' by Emiliano Di Cavalcanti 1897 - 1967


and front


for those of you that are interested, here are the book pages that reveal the next page of the story through his journal (he is at home responding to her Spanish postcard), the next postcard he recieves (from Brazil),  and her journal (Brazil)

 The Brazil post card is attached to a densely textured surface, the images echo across the two books that are interwoven, the build up of texture is by layered paint, modelling paste and tissue paper using a mask and a stamp that has the same image.

Donna Garner