Frida Kahlo - Marmite

This is what happens when I frequent B&E's website.

I am so easily distracted that I end up doing a challenge, when I only came for my altered book lesson.

Here is the 'backlink' to the challenge.

Born 1907, died 1954, throughout her life Frida painted.  Mostly in the style of surrealism and symbolism. Her biography by Andrea Kettenmann - 'Pride and Passion' accurately summarises the life of Kahlo.  The book is inexpensive, contained all her paintings,  and is well worth the read for this incredible woman's life story... as I confessed to Bleubeard, who promptly told Elizabeth, I'm not a fan of her art...just her life.

Surrealism I get - big time.  Realism is not a requirement for me to love an art work.  Pre raphilite symbolism I adore.  But...some symbolism I struggle with.  If there is a total lack of perspective, then the work doesn't appeal to me at all.  I find Frida's work 'too flat' to hang on my wall, so if ever I am given one for free I'll pass it on to you.

That said, my subjective opinion does not prevent me from studying and learning from her works and I can appreciate that she developed a good eye and technique and chose a subject that interested her and that she became an expert upon (herself).

Perhaps a protagonist for art therapy she put all her experiences into the way she expressed her art.  A political activist, a wife, lover, sister, daughter, all her roles are laid bare in her work and therefore her face.

My greatest respect is for her willingness to expose herself, so show the world 'this is me' and, really,  'do your worst, because I will carry on....being me...' see I am naturally interested in anyone that feminist and arrogant!

Anyway - you decide if you love or hate her art, either way you cannot fail to respond to it - so by any measure it is Great Art.  You also cannot fail to be moved by her resiliance in terms of the life she fully lived.

I did a shrine to Me in the 'style of Frida', I festooned it front and back with my painted self portraits, my business card and my brand....and I must confess, toward the end?  I even enjoyed the self indulgence...


Donna Garner