What is that on your workdesk this wednesday? (WOYWW)

Well, I had not realised:

1.  It is ages since I posted

2. It is Wednesday

3. I have so much on my desk.


you may wish to pick a random picture think up a comment and head back to JHQ.  In here you will find, my round robin altered book pages, my Darcy Postcard challenge postcards and journaling, my collaborART journal swap, my son's girlie friends 18th birthday Bored, my own (Bleubeard and Elizabeths) 'principles and elements of design' pages and other such stuff,


missing is the huge generosity of the WOYWWers I met last weds, real life is so much better than virtual desk gazing eh?, and this week I miss those gals - truly I do...I cannot wait for my next meet ups in June and July.


also missing is Sidley (lisping Sidney) - who arrived today just a little to late to make the cut...he will appear in the next blog....thanks Gina


so here is it the epic:

ah - that is not my desk - that is my sofa with our comedy dog scarf.....


this is a close up of my desk with an example of the mini book I made from a photograph from JoZarty.

this is my cuppa and the journal i made for my collabor-Art  journals pairing ( I'm with Virginia of Celtic House fame ).  All the collaborArters team up in pairs and swap their journal back and forth - I have chosen to call our pairing D&V,  we work on each others pages each time we swap).

here's the makings:

1 stitch together a leather binding (use the off cut to do a mini book) and fold your pages (signatures)

make it pretty

2.Cut out the spine, splice a slot, stitch in the signatures

3. Make sure you cut a cover big enough to fold over the fore edge and close with a pretty button or two

4. See? I made that....

5. Innards:

And it was on my desk - but I mailed it to V this afternoon... check out the collaborArt blogsite for loads of paired journals - you'll be inspired I promise....

also on my desk are two altered books (drying) one is mine , one is a round robin (theme = in the garden), in her latest lesson B&E explained some design terminology - so here are my design elements and principles applied:


I try to make sure the book is still apparent even after major alterations - otherwise it may as well just be made over a blank journal page eh?

and a second spread in the same book (round robin 'garden') - I always try to do two spreads and do them very differently....

and next up - this is my spread in my book ('what every woman desires').  I box over a word on the dictionary page as the theme for each spread and then explain that word in terms of a woman's needs/desires might be :


Okay - last set ( I promise) are my Darcy Challenge postcards - also out on the desk drying...Norway and New Zealand - and I might have caught up with the postcards now I think?

 and the journal page for Norway...



oh yeah - this is the one I made for Megan (18th) we adorned it with 18 postcards all written by her friends and family....

give me a postcard rather than a tag any day of the week .....


and did you see how carefully I hid the ATCs?

see you anon...

Donna Garner